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Armpit Sweating Treatment

Armpit Sweating Treatment

Armpit sweating treatment is one of the most practical and effective methods applied to patients who have excessive sweating, ie hyperhidrosis problems, for various reasons. Due to stress, overwork of the thyroid glands, insulin drugs, menopause and some types of cancer, people may have excessive sweating problems in various parts of their body. Excessive sweating, which affects daily life quite negatively, often affects the psychology of the person in a bad way. The most appropriate sweating treatment should be resorted to to stop excessive sweating, which becomes more uncomfortable for the patient, especially in summer. Thus, the person will feel better, both psychologically and physically.

What are the Causes of Armpit Sweating? Sweating; it is an action that the body performs to control its temperature. It is normal to sweat when moving, with increased body temperature and when suffering from illness. As a matter of fact, sweating in some people is seen at unexpected times and at an unwanted intensity. This condition is called excessive sweating, that is, hyperhidrosis. There may be many reasons behind the occurrence of hyperhidrosis in people. The main ones are stress and hormonal disorders. Some of the factors that can cause excessive sweating are:

  • Hormonal diseases,
  • especially thyroid,
  • Some types of cancer,
  •  Menopause,
  •  Excessive spicy food and caffeine consumption,
  • Alcohol and drug use,
  • Fever,
  • Antipyretics,
  • pain medications,
  • Insulin drugs,
  • Anxiety and stress,
  • Obesity, S
  • ome lung disorders,
  • Vitamin C and D deficiencies,

What are the Methods of Treatment of Armpit Sweating?

 There is more than one sweating treatment method as a solution to the sweating problem. There are methods of surgical intervention, in which nerves are cut, sweat glands are removed to permanently get rid of the problem of sweating. As a matter of fact, surgical interventions are not preferred very often because the side effect is too much and the healing process is long. In the first choice, it is healthier to prefer practical applications instead of surgical interventions. One of the most practical and effective applications that people who have sweating problems under the armpit can apply is the injection method in the armpit area. This method, which is simple to apply and has a strong effect without requiring a surgical intervention, provides an effective solution to the problem of excessive sweating.

What is Armpit Sweating Treatment?

 Armpit sweating treatment is the method applied for treatment in case of excessive sweating in the armpit area due to psychological or physical problems. This practice, which is quite practical, painless and effective, does not have any healing process. While the treatment of the problems that cause sweating continues, the armpit sweating treatment applied to return to the daily life of the patient temporarily paralyzes the nerves that cause sweating and eliminates the sweating problem.

Is Armpit Sweating Treatment Harmful?

There is no medical harm in the application of underarm sweating treatment. Stopping sweating from the armpit with the application does not create any problems. The body continues to sweat from other areas outside the armpit. The injection method, which has been used for a long time, does not cause any complications. It is applied to the skin without being able to absorb the armpit tissue.  The application of armpit sweating treatment has been approved by the authorized institutions of the European Union and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Is Underarm Sweating Treatment Permanent?

How long does the effect last? Armpit sweating treatment is not a permanent application, but the effect continues for an average of 8 months, with a minimum of 6 months. If the patient observes excessive sweating again in the armpit in the future, the application can be repeated. After 3 sessions to be applied every 6 months, it is observed that the permanence of the injected substance increases. After the first 2-3 applications, the patient can continue his life without encountering sweating problems by having 1 underarm injection per year.

How is Armpit Sweating Treatment Applied?

Armpit sweating treatment is a very practical and painless application. The application of anesthetic cream by the doctor before the application can also eliminate the slight pain and pain that may be felt during the application. After the examination of the armpit, the necessary areas are marked and the substance is injected into the skin from an average of 20 points in adjusted doses. The substance that affects the nerves stops sweating. The process ends in an average of 20 to 30 minutes.

When Does Armpit Sweating Treatment Work?

The application to the armpit does not show its effect immediately after the application. The effect begins to be seen 3 days after application, it shows the expected result at the end of 2 weeks. It is normal for sweating to continue in places within 15 days after the procedure. If sweating still continues after 15 days, a doctor should be visited for control.

What Should Be Done If Sweating Continues After Underarm Sweating Treatment?

The injection is expected to show its full effect in the first two weeks after administration. If the patient who has completed 15 days after the application observes sweating under the armpit, he can apply to his doctor and have a 'starchy test'. The sweating areas of the person who is tested for iodine with starch flour are determined and re-application can be made here.