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Aydin Ice Laser Hair Removal

Aydin Ice Laser Hair Removal


What is ice laser hair removal?

Ice Laser is the most painless, fastest and latest technology of laser epilation applications. It works with a diode laser technology at 810nm wavelength.

Epilation with Ice Laser devices serving with diode laser technology is one of the most preferred applications in recent years. The most important reason for this is to perform a painless, painless epilation with Ice Laser.

What are the advantages of ice laser hair removal?

 Ice laser has many advantages over other epilation systems. One of the advantages of ice laser technology is the treatment head, 2x1cm, which has a large spot size, affecting a much larger area with each shot. For example, whole body hair removal, which takes hours with other laser systems, is completed in just 30 minutes with Ice Laser.  In this way, effective results can be obtained in a short time. In addition, the number of sessions required to achieve precise results has also decreased! It makes it possible to get rid of your unwanted hair in a shorter time. Clinical research shows that six sessions at intervals of six weeks are enough to achieve optimal results.

Is ice laser hair removal painless?

Ice laser is a painless and painless application compared to other laser hair removal systems. Ice Laser with its icy cap is a very comfortable application especially for those who are afraid of laser epilation with a low pain threshold. It is possible for people with low pain threshold to get effective results easily and in a short time.

Can ice laser epilation be applied to every skin type?

 In other epilation applications, the procedure that cannot be performed on people with dark skin type can be easily done with ice laser. Especially those who have dark skin tone can get rid of their hair with Ice Laser and have a smooth skin. The rule that laser epilation is not done in summer with Ice Laser is also disappearing into history. Ice Laser application can be easily made to the tanned skin in summer. Ice Laser epilation also provides effective results on the hair in the face area with the face cap. This hood is also suitable for use for eyebrow and intra-ear hairs that disturb men.  Successful results are obtained from the application in male patients with a very low pain threshold. With the fact that it can be done in every season, it makes it possible to get rid of unwanted hair without interrupting your seans.

 How is ice laser epilation applied?

The Ice Laser hair removal device makes 10 shots per second and serves at this speed offers a solution to the pain and burning problem. Epilation with Ice Laser is applied as if massaging your skin. With this application, you can easily continue your sessions without feeling painful pain. You will not feel pain during the application and you will not encounter any problems such as skin burning and staining. With the cooling feature of the device, you can get rid of your unwanted hair with a painless, painless, burn-free and spotless epilation on your skin. This application is carried out not only in our country but also all over the world and successful results are obtained. Ice Laser epilation makes it possible to get effective results in a short time with its structure suitable for all skin color and hair follicle. Effective results can be obtained even in light-colored hairs. Pain threshold in male patients without feeling pain pain; they can easily get rid of unwanted hair in areas such as back, nape and cheek top in a short time.

What should be the number of ice laser hair removal sessions?

Another feature of ice laser is that it offers fast and effective results. It shows more effective results than other laser applications. With the fact that it can be applied in every season regardless of skin color, there is no disruption in the sessions. With 6 sessions to be held at an average interval of six weeks, it is possible to get rid of your unwanted hair painlessly and painlessly.