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Female Laser Hair Removal

Female Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology is a method called selective photothermolysis. And that acts on the selective destruction mechanism with light heat. With the laser shot on the skin, the light passes without being absorbed by the skin in milliseconds and is absorbed by the hair root and hair shaft. During this absorption, a high level of temperature increase occurs in the hair root and this increase leads to the destruction of the hair follicles.

Laser epilation applications, which are used effectively in unwanted hair problems in women, cause damage to hair follicles and do not harm the surrounding tissues. Thus, it allows the removal of the hair problem in a painless and painless way without the risk of possible side effects or complications.

With Women's Laser Hair Removal applications, it is possible to get rid of the unwanted hair problem in the body permanently and have a healthy and bright skin texture. In order to look well-groomed and beautiful at all times, you can benefit from personalized laser treatments suitable for your skin type and hair character, by taking advantage of our free examination, in order to prevent unwanted hair problems permanently.

The appropriate laser technology, duration and number of sessions are determined according to the responses received depending on the features such as skin color, skin structure, hair color and thickness, with free test shots made during the pre-check. Therefore, pre-control before treatment is important.

In order to benefit from our free examination and to enable the creation of appropriate treatment planning with test shots, you can request an appointment via the contact form and get information about Women's Laser Hair Removal prices.

Waxing, depilatory creams, razor, tweezers and epilator applications offer only short-term solutions for unwanted hair problems. However, these grueling applications cause the hair follicles to grow darker and harder. However, with Laser Hair Removal applications, permanent and more comfortable solutions are offered by leaving all these troublesome applications behind.

Thanks to laser epilation methods specific to women, it is possible to get rid of hair in the desired area of ​​​​the body by gaining time and hygiene. Thus, without wasting time with repetitive, laborious applications, a smoother skin surface appears and a flawless appearance is obtained with the destruction of the hair follicles by the laser beams.

With Female Laser Hair Removal applications, it is possible to get rid of hair problems in the desired area permanently. The areas of laser hair removal for women are listed below. These regions are the regions where almost all women receive laser epilation treatment.

  •     Arm
  •     Armpit
  •     Leg
  •     Genital area
  •     Bikini area
  •     Stomach
  •     Chest
  •     Nipple and circumference
  •     Face (cheek, chin and mustache)
  •     Back
  •     Hip