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F.U.E Hair Transplantation

F.U.E Hair Transplantation

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

 With the FUE micrograft technique, natural-looking ever-growing hair is obtained. Hair transplantation surgeries, which have been applied for about 50 years, have been developed for the last 5 years and have become possible to transplant as a single hair.

The cosmetic results of the transplants performed with grafts containing 1-3 hairs called micrografts are very satisfactory and even the cases where the old and unpleasant group of hair grow out are corrected again with this technique. After the application under local anesthesia for 5-8 hours, the patient can go home immediately and do not require dressing, and the head can be washed with shampoo after two days. Since the placement of grafts in small holes drilled with special thin tips causes less damage, healing is quicker and hair grows in a shorter time. After an average of 6 months, the hair grows continuously and reaches the features they have taken from behind.

FUE is a method of removing hair units one by one (Folliculer Unit Extraction) and is applied without cutting the scalp. In our clinic, Motorized FUE method is applied and 2500 grafts (6-7 thousand hair hairs) can be transplanted in one session. No matter how large the balding area is, it can be closed in one or two sessions. Depending on the area size and the difficulty of the process, the operation is completed in 5-8 hours. The donor area (the area where the hair is removed) is closed with antibiotic dressing. After two days, the dressing is opened and the entire scalp begins to be washed. Since there are no incisions and stitches, there is no pain and only 1-2 painkillers and 4 days of oral antibiotics are sufficient. Since pinhole-sized channels are opened in the anterior area, they squeeze and hold the hair follicle grafts placed in them and there is no need for dressing to the transplanted area. Some of the transplanted hairs fall out within two weeks, and some begin to grow without shedding. The spilled leaves also begin to appear again after 3 months. Although they are thin and sparse at first, they thicken and lengthen in 6 months. The efficiency of hair transplantation occurs in a period of 10 months at the latest. In the FUE method, there is no surgical scar since there is no incision on the back, and the nape hair is slightly diluted in a way that you may not even notice. there is also no pain during the recovery period.