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Stain Treatment

Stain Treatment

The sun is a unique source of life for all living things. Both its antibacterial effect, its importance in the synthesis of vitamin D, its supportive feature in the treatment of acne and pimples and of course the most aesthetically effective tanning method make it indispensable. Unfortunately, as a result of the gradual thinning of the ozone layer, we have started to focus on the harms of the sun rather than its benefits... The effect of the sun on skin spots has been known for a long time, but in recent research and findings, it is observed that the effect of the sun on skin cancer is not to be underestimated.


In fact, skin blemishes are one of the body's protection measures. The skin secretes melanin to protect itself from the environment it is exposed to (sun, poor quality make-up materials, harmful chemicals, etc.). Eventually, the skin protects itself, but staining occurs on the skin due to melanin.


  1. Chemical Peeling
  2. Enzyme Peeling (Light Peeling)
  3. Carbon Peeling
  4. Co2 Fractional Laser
  5. Thulium Smart Laser

Chemical Peeling

Chemical "peeling" is an application method that aims to create controlled damage to the skin at various depths by applying one or more chemical agents to the skin and to reveal a healthy skin. The aim of chemical "peeling" is to cause damage to the skin layers to the desired depth and to treat various lesions by taking advantage of wound healing during regeneration.

Enzyme Peeling (Light Peeling)

Enzyme peeling reduces the formation of melanin in the skin by suppressing the enzyme tyrosinase, which allows the secreted melanin to turn dark. An effective treatment is provided by lightening the color of the stained areas on the skin.

Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling; It is a treatment method used especially in the treatment of removing skin spots, shrinking the pores in the skin, brightening the skin and rejuvenating it with its tightening power. It is also known as laser applied skin rejuvenation method.

Co2 Fractional Laser

Co2 fractional, laser beams are an effective treatment method that can act both on and under the skin. It triggers collagen production by opening micro channels in the skin. It tightens the skin and regains its vivid and bright appearance. It is also highly effective in the treatment of skin blemishes.


The duration of the sessions and the number of sessions are determined according to the treatment to be applied and the condition of the person to be treated. On average, herbal peeling lasts 4 - 8 sessions, enzyme peeling takes a single session, Co2 fractional laser takes 1 - 6 sessions.

Is stain treatment a painful, painful treatment?

Although it varies according to the treatment method used, it has no effect on the skin other than slight burning during and after treatment.

Is the treatment permanent? Will I have the same problem again?

Treatment is permanent. However, it should not be forgotten that the sun or the factor that causes spotting should not be exposed again. Otherwise, spotting is likely to occur again.