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Hair Transplantation Prices 2022 Aydin

Hair Transplantation Prices 2022 Aydin

Hair transplantation prices vary from center to center. In addition, the price varies according to the tools and materials used for different hair transplantation methods. In addition, the hair structure of the person to be transplanted and the characteristics of the hair to be transplanted, the quality of the hair, the number of hairs to be transplanted are also taken as the basis for determining the price.

Hair transplantation prices vary according to the area size of the bald area of the person and the technique to be applied in hair transplantation.

When Determining Hair Transplantation Prices

  • The quality of the person's hair to be transplanted,
  • How many sessions of the operation should be performed in order for the hair to become desirable,
  • The size of the area where hair will be transplanted and how many hair follicles are needed,
  • The suitability and number of hair follicles to be transplanted,
  • The cost of the method to be applied during hair transplantation and transplantation,
  • The size and adequacy of the health institution where the transplant will be performed,
  • The fee to be requested by the doctor who will perform the transplant,
  • Average figures determined by the market depending on demand,
  • The cost of examinations, examinations and analyzes performed before the transfer,
  • After the operation, the prices of the products to be used in the healing process

Such factors are taken into account. Such factors are taken into account.After the hair transplantation application, allergic reactions may be seen in the person. On the other hand, hair mesotherapy is also applied to give healthier results of hair transplantation. If the hair mesotherapy, which is performed in about 10 sessions, is to be applied in the center where the hair transplantation is performed, this cost will be added to the price.

Hair transplantation prices may vary from city to city, from center to center, or even according to the doctor who performs the application.