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Radio Frequency Therapy

Radio Frequency Therapy

Radio Frequency

Cellulite is a pathology that occurs when subcutaneous fat cell groups called adipocytes disrupt blood and lymphatic circulation, especially seen in women. Fibrotic bands that form between fat cell groups over time in the area affected by blood and lymphatic circulation cause skin depressions and orange peel appearance.

Cellulite in the body is usually observed in 3 main stages :

  • The orange peel image appears only when stinging or sitting on a hard surface.
  • The orange peel image becomes apparent when standing, disappears in the supine position.
  • The orange peel image is always visible, regardless of the standing or lying position.


LPG method is a form of anti-cellulite treatment applied by trained and specialized experts with Cellu M6 technology. Cellu M6 Keymodule provides effective positive changes especially on hypodermal fat cells with high technology. Negative pressure gymnastic movements applied to the skin reorganize the connective tissue, while regulating blood and lymph circulation and removing metabolic residues. With the LPG method, patients feel relaxed and healthier. With the LPG method, the micro-circulation of the skin is restored and the connective tissue itself.


Special LPG clothing is given to the patient for sessions lasting approximately 35 minutes. In practice, depending on the body structure, the focus is on the areas where they are needed the most. LPG, your friend in your fight against cellulite, the source of your health, is an effective treatment method that reverses the corrosive effects of time that women of all ages can benefit from. As a result of the increase in circulation problem over time, the appearance of orange peel, which is the typical image of cellulite, occurs and causes the skin to lose its elasticity. With the LPG method, it helps the connective tissue to repair itself by restoring the microcirculation of the skin, thus contributing to the tone and appearance of the skin.


Controlled deep water treatment with radiofrequency waves:


With radiofrequency management, which is used safely all over the world, it is now very easy and effortless to get rid of cellulite and regional fat tissues.


Frequently asked questions about radiofrequency


Q: What is Radiofrequency?

A: Radiofrequency is a temperature-controlled attenuation method.


Q: How does it work?

A: Radio waves activate water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in the body. Depending on their activation, the energy is released and the region heats up.


Q: What is the purpose?

A: The aim is to increase the temperature of the heated (treated area) area to 41-43 degrees. (Normally, the body temperature is 36-37). When the skin temperature reaches this point, the heat in the lower part of the skin corresponds to 50-55 percent. This heat does not cause any damage or damage to the body.


Q: What are the effects?

A: Regional treatment with radiofrequency method has 3 effects.


  • Radio frequency heats all tissues containing water in a controlled manner without causing it to pass (or transmit) to very deep tissues because radiofrequency activates the water molecules in its cells. With this technology, it can reach fat cells with very high water levels. In other words, it can melt fat tissue.
  • During the treatment, the walls of fat cells are broken down in the heated areas, the fats begin to melt. Melted fats are absorbed through the blood and lymph and excreted from the body due to increased circulation. Aged and worn collagen tissue breaks down and dies. Instead, the body begins the production of new collagen.
  • The tissue that provides tightness and tension in the body is called connective tissue. The cells that make up this tissue are fibroplas cells. Fibroplast activation is accelerated by the heat generated.