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Cold Lipolysis

Cold Lipolysis

Regional thinning techniques with cold lipolysis have gained diversity when combined with today's science and technology. Successful results have been obtained by using ultrasonic and radiofrequency techniques. It is a technique that has been added to the regional slimming methods of recent times.

Laser Lipolysis is performed in two types as vacuum and non-vacuum. This method produces successful results without the need for fat removal procedures. The idea on which this method is based is the process of first heating the regional fats in the body and then cooling the heated area and removing the fat region from the body. This method eliminates the need for a surgical operation. Cold lipolysis procedures can be applied to anyone who is old, young, overweight, whose weight is normal but has regional problems.

Cold Lipolysis Regional Thinning Application

Due to improper nutrition or hereditary body lines, fat accumulation occurs over time. The reason for these fattening is often due to the wrong eating habits. With today's technology, regional thinning can be achieved.

Several pads are placed in the area where this method is applied so that the body is not affected by sudden temperature changes. The head of the machine where the cold lipolysis method will be performed is as large as possible. As soon as contact with this machine begins, the moment the regional slimming method is applied, it is gradually increased to 42 degrees. When the temperature reaches 42 degrees, this temperature of the body is kept constant for 10 minutes. And 10. After the minute is full, the cooling process is done gradually until the zone temperature reaches -5 degrees. This process varies between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on the body thickness. The body is subjected to sudden heat and cold, causing the fat cells in the region to die, and when cell death occurs, the body perceives that these fats are unnecessary and begins to renew it. No other part of the body is damaged during this process.

After Cold Lipolysis

It is one of the most preferred methods because it allows visible changes even within 15 days after the cold lipolysis procedure. The second reason is that it can be applied to many regions. The most successful of the belly slimming methods is again cold lipolysis.

 This method can achieve excellent results without adding an extra load on the body. Instead of waiting for days and applying a diet list, it is possible to achieve visible results even in the first session.

Cold lipolysis operation used for belly weakening can be performed again after 6 months under the control of a specialist if necessary after the first session is applied. After the first session in the application area, 20% to 40% thinning is seen. Depending on the ratio of fat thickness in the belly, the length of the session varies between 20 minutes and 180 minutes.

As soon as cold lipolysis is applied for belly thinning purposes 3. After the week, significant differences become noticeable.  It becomes absolutely evident at the end of 1.5 months and is a method focused on burning fat and preventing its formation for 4 months.

One of the most important places where individuals have difficulty in terms of thinning is the hips. The hips bring the solution with a correct exercise and cold lipolysis method applied in the hands of an expert. If everything is fully fulfilled, it is possible to get rid of 5 kilograms of fat in as little as 1 month.

Hip thinning brings successful results with Aydın cold lipolysis method. The procedure is started with the protective gel to be applied on the hip. In the next step, the application device is brought closer to the hip area. With a mild vacuum, the area is pulled in with gentle movements and the process lengthens or shortens according to the thickness of the fat layer. Apart from these methods for hip thinning, we also recommend a healthy sports life.