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It is used in electrotherapy, regional lubrication, cellulite and pain care. Basically, it is used to activate the skin surface, subcutaneous tissues and deep muscle groups with high-frequency electrical impulses.


How to Apply?

In electrotherapy application, it is applied by giving current to the electrodes placed at the beginning and end points of the muscles. The vibrational effect continues for 72 hours. For this reason, it is recommended to apply it 2 times a week.

What are the effects?

The application provides the collection of sagging and weak muscles and tightening the application area. During the procedure, the activity in the application area increases the oxygenation in the tissues and accelerates the burning of fats. It also allows the muscles to work, strengthen and remove residual substances without a chemical effect.

With the effect of electrotherapy, the expansion of capillaries (vasodilation) and fat burning (Lipolysis) take place. In addition, with the superficial warming created in the tissues, the acceleration of metabolism, the increase of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation are provided.

In addition to electrotherapy, regional lubrication and loss of elasticity, successful results are obtained in the fields of pain treatment and physical therapy. Its use in combination with other applications increases the chance of success.

Electrotherapy for Deformed Muscles and Regional Thinning

The application stimulates the muscles with an active exercise effect, tightening the deformed muscles and sagging tissues. In addition, the active movement of the muscles increases fat burning and removes local excess.

Depending on the location of the problem, electrotherapy can be applied directly to the area where it is needed such as abdomen, hips, hips, legs. 3. In the application of Electrotherapy, which is a very effective method. Results are observed from the session.

For this reason, follow-up is very important. For follow-up, how much weight the person has lost with the application, how much of it is lost from fat, how much of the muscle rate has increased is determined by body analysis and measurements to be made every week.

 Body analysis and measurements to be made every week are of great importance in terms of ensuring self-control and increasing motivation.

 Electrotherapy; It can be safely applied around the chest, face, hip, belly, abdomen, hips, buttocks and waist.

Electrotherapy Device Working Method

With electrotherapy devices with 16-24 electrode tips, these tips are glued to the areas desired to be thinned and electric shocks are given little by little. The biggest advantage of the application is that simultaneous thinning can be achieved in more than one part of the body because there are many electrode tips.

What Should a Person Do During Care?

A person who begins electrotherapy should pay close attention to his nutrition, as well as regularly participating in care. During the care, it is recommended to feed them with foods rich in Alpha-Hydroxy acids and L-Carnitine to ensure the development of muscle cells and to grow muscle tissue, as well as to consume caffeinated drinks and fruit juices such as lemon, pineapple, grapefruit.