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Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

What is Medical Skin Care?

Medical skin care is skin care made by a professional person with professional products. How is

Medical Skin Care Done?

Medical skin care is a skin application that has some basic steps. These steps are as follows;

  • First of all, the patient should be prepared for medical skin care. At the preparatory stage, the patient's hair is protected so that it does not get wet with a cap and tape. Then the towel is covered from the neck. Finally, the patient's skin is removed from makeup and made clean and dry. Because medical skin care should be applied on clean skin.
  • After the preparatory stage is completed, the patient's face is cleaned again with a special gel. After cleaning this gel with soft pads, peeling is applied. In this way, it is ensured that the other steps of medical skin care are more effective and more successful by penetrating the inner parts of the skin. Because with peeling, dead cells are removed from the skin.
  • After peeling, intense warm steam is introduced into the skin. Steam allows the skin pores to open and soften the skin. Dirt in the opened pores, namely black spots, oil glands, bumps under the skin can be cleaned more easily. The softened skin is treated more comfortably and the absence of scars is guaranteed.
  • At this stage, after all the blackheads and glands are cleaned one by one, a special solution is applied to the skin and the skin is sterile. This solution is important so that the opened pores do not get germs and do not fill with dirt.
  • After the skin is sterilized, peeling and gel applications are performed again.
  • After this stage, if the skin needs it, low-flow radiofrequency provides skin tightening, collagen and elastin stimulation.
  • In the last steps, serum is applied on the skin. The applied serum is a serum consisting of vitamin, mineral, protein and collagen-supported cocktails suitable for the needs of the skin. The skin, which absorbs the serum easily from the opened pores, recovers in this way and gradually begins to recover its pores. Finally, the skin is massaged with moisturizing creams. Skin protection is also provided with high-factor creams with sun protection and the process is terminated.

Some practical applications that are solutions for basic skin therapies in medical skin care can also be combined and applied before the creams are applied.

How Many Sessions of Medical Skin Care Should Be Applied?

It is not appropriate to apply professional skin care for a certain period of time and leave it after the skin is treated. Because these processes are in a way. Care should be carried out constantly. Medical skin care should also be applied periodically on a permanent basis. After applying 4 intensive care cycles in the form of 1 in 15 days on spotty, acne-prone skin that has not had medical skin care before, with intense blackheads on the skin, the skin is controlled. Medical skin care can be done once a month or 1 in 45 days for controlled skin. In patients who do not disrupt daily skin care and use the right products, this period may be every 2 months.

Is Medical Skin Care Necessary?

Of course. Because professional skin care is important for skin health before the aesthetic appearance. In addition, the signs of aging can be delayed with regular skin care. These symptoms are fine lines, loss of elastin and collagen, sagging due to these losses.

 With medical skin care, both the signs of aging are delayed and some skin problems can be treated. These problems,

  • Skin blemishes
  • Fading of the skin
  • Skin rashes
  • Drying, cracking of the skin
  • Excessive lubrication
  • Onset of wrinkles on the skin
  • Pimples and non-deep acne scars
  • They are problems such as dulling of the skin.

What are the Products Used in Medical Skin Care?

The products used in these processes are special professional products. These products are dose-specific products with intensive care content, penetrate the skin quickly, and should be applied by a professional person.

The products are available for different uses and different skin types. Before medical skin care, your doctor will do your skin analysis. According to the results of skin analysis, the products that should be used for you in medical skin care are selected.

These products are sometimes selected as a basic series and sometimes by cocktailing the effect that the effect of the products with each other will create on the skin.