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Capillary Vessel Treatment

Capillary Vessel Treatment

Large vessels located close to the surface of the skin are called capillaries. Since these veins are close to the surface, they become visible on the skin. The appearance of veins approaching the skin surface may disturb people. Although capillaries can be found all over the body, they are often seen on the face and legs. Capillary vessel cracks on the face cause redness as well as a veined appearance. This condition causes an unwanted, uncomfortable appearance in women and men. Capillaries in the legs are usually formed due to deformations. Capillaries are more common with people who have professions that require standing up.

At the same time, environmental factors can also cause capillary vessel formation. Excessive sun exposure, long-term use of birth control pills, hormone therapy intake, long-term use of cortisone creams and some internal diseases are the obvious causes of capillary vessel formation. In addition, capillary vessel formation may also develop due to aging and genetic factors.
How is Capillary Vessel Treatment Performed?

Capillaries can form for many different reasons. Genetic factors, pregnancy, skin aging, sun exposure, sudden weight gain, preferring tight clothes and tight socks, consuming less fluid than necessary are some of the causes of capillary vessel formation. However, it cannot be determined precisely why capillaries are formed. It is more common in women than in men.

Before starting the treatment of capillaries, it is checked whether they are varicose veins. If the risk factors in terms of health are not taken into consideration, capillary vessel treatment is performed. Sclerotherapy and radiofrequency methods are generally preferred for treatment. The laser treatment method is also increasing its popularity in recent years. It is recommended that you choose the treatment method to be determined by your doctor according to the patient and the type of capillaries. In the laser treatment method, the pain sensation is low compared to other treatments. If you want a less painful process, we recommend that you consult your doctor. In laser and all other treatment methods, the level of pain to be felt during the procedure is minimized with the help of cooling technique and pain relief creams.What should be considered in capillary vessel treatment?

 There are some steps you should pay attention to before receiving capillary treatment. The first of these is that you pay attention to the drugs and nutrients you take before capillary vessel treatment. Using drugs that will allow your vessels to expand, taking blood thinners and nutrients will make the process difficult. Causing your veins to dilate by being exposed to excessive heat is also a step that you should definitely stay away from before treatment.

At the same time, you need to make sure that your skin is clean before the treatment process is done. You should not apply any creams and moisturizers to your face other than the creams that your doctor will recommend. At the same time, makeup and skin pollution can make treatment difficult and cause permanent scars on the skin. In the pre-treatment process, it is very important that you clean your skin with light products that will not tire you and make it ready for treatment.

You also need to protect your skin in the post-treatment period. In particular, sun exposure can cause complications after treatment, permanent stains and scars. In the days after treatment, care should be taken not to be exposed to direct sun rays and to use sunscreen creams.