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Under-Eye Light Filling

Under-Eye Light Filling

Under-eye light filling is an effective treatment method in removing the depression in the under-eye area and the resulting bruises.

Cosmetic products used to remove bruises under the eyes usually thin the skin layer and cause the veins under it to become more visible. Constantly using under-eye concealer makes it undrinkable about bruises over time.

With under-eye light filling,

  • The under-eye pit fills and acquires a neat appearance.
  • There is a decrease in under-eye lines.
  • Swelling, bruises and rings in the eyes are removed.
  • A youthful appearance is obtained.
  • The quality of the skin around the eyes increases.

How is Under-Eye Light Filling Applied?

Before starting the application, local anaesthesia is applied to the detention area. Thus, the person does not feel any pain or pain during the application. Under-Eye Light filling application is not made under the skin but on the bone, unlike other filling applications. The procedure takes an average of 30-35 minutes.  After the application, the person can immediately return to his daily life.