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People to cope with various problems such as dryness in the skin, loss of moisture, spotting, thinning of the skin tissue, peeling, wrinkles, old age; Since it is usually a very easy and quick method, they prefer to use various creams, vitamins and blemish lightening products externally by rubbing them on the skin. However, the rate at which creams and serums applied externally in this way pass through the outer layer of the skin and reach the lower layers is very low, so the effect is very little or not at all.

The process of administering therapeutic agents directly into the skin with the help of very small and special injectors instead of applying them to our skin from the outside is called mesotherapy. Mesotherapy drugs are drugs that nourish the skin, remove moisture and dryness, have the ability to treat sun and old age spotting, and manage to reduce wrinkles at certain rates.

The drugs and nutritious serums applied in mesotherapy are sometimes prepared by the physician in various cocktails, and sometimes they are in the form of cocktails that come from the company ready-made. Mesotherapy drugs are given into the skin and under the skin in the form of small and numerous injections.

Generally, rejuvenating mesotherapy applications against the effects of aging are in combinations and more natural and successful results are obtained if applied to the whole face. If it is applied to a certain area on the face and not applied to other areas, the sites where mesotherapy has been performed look more vibrant, bright, moist and younger, while the areas that are not done are deprived of this appearance. Areas where the application is usually made to reduce the effects of aging; Face, neck-jowl area, décolleté area, hands.

Mesotherapy is not only used for rejuvenation purposes. With lipolytic effective drugs, it can provide successful and satisfactory results in the solution of regional lubrication and cellulite problems, in the treatment of cracks, in the treatment of skin color, in the treatment of acne and acne scars, in the treatment of blemishes, in hair loss and in order to grow the transplanted hair grafts more vividly after hair transplantation.

The procedure time varies according to the width of the application area and the purpose, but it is between 15-45 minutes. The total amount of sessions ranges from 5 to 10. In order to predict how many sessions there will be, it will be more accurate to make 2-3 sessions and decide according to the result obtained. The session intervals vary between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the purpose.

After mesotherapy application, short-term and varying degrees of redness are seen on the skin. For this reason, it will be useful to use sunscreen after stroke. With the effect of mesotherapy starting immediately, it will take time to see the real positive results on the skin. Although this period is 1 month on average, it may also vary according to the structure of the skin and the degree of the problems.