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It is a method of direct delivery of pure carbon dioxide gas through a special device inside and under the skin. This method was first used in 1932 in France in the treatment of occluded arterial diseases. It has been successfully applied in the treatment of cellulite since 1993. Carbon dioxide is a gas that disperses 20 times faster than oxygen. After the application, more oxygen comes to the region from the surrounding tissues and circulation is accelerated. Carbon dioxide is rapidly removed. Fat burning increases.

What are the effects?

  • Greater oxygenation of tissues is achieved.
  • Capillary blood flow increases.
  • The formation of new capillaries is observed.
  • Oxidative fat breakdown in adipose tissue increases.
  • The synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are the main elements of connective tissue, increases.

For Which Regions Is It Applied?

  • Alone or in combination in the treatment of cellulite and regional lubrication
  • Treatment of wrinkles, skin sagging, loss of elasticity and stretch marks

The duration of application is 10–15 minutes. It is in sessions 2 or 3 times a week. It is necessary to apply an average of 15–20 sessions. After the fifth session, the skin is noticeably healthy. From the tenth session, the subcutaneous tissue will feel tighter. Mesotherapy, exercise or passive gymnastics support after the sessions increases the success of the treatment. It can be done to anyone of all ages. It has no toxic effect. It does not affect blood pressure. The fact that the patient has diabetes is not an obstacle for carboxytherapy. The effect after treatment lasts for 6 months. In 1-2% of the patients, a decrease in the desire to smoke and an increase in sleep quality in the evening of application were detected.