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Needle Lipolysis

Needle Lipolysis

In general, it is the name given to the process of reducing body weight or removing the accumulation of adipose tissue in a certain area of the body that disrupts the aesthetic appearance rather than losing weight. This application can be performed with surgical methods (liposuction) as well as with some special devices and medical treatment methods.

Regional slimming or regional thinning applications performed with medical treatment methods can be grouped under the title of Needle Lipolysis. The basic principle of regional slimming treatment with needle lipolysis is; It is the injection of medical agents known to break down fat cells, especially Phosphatidyl Choline and Deoxycholate, into adipose tissue. As a result of this injection, the integrity of the cells that store fat is disrupted and broken down. The removal of free fatty acids from that area, which occurs with the breakdown of fat cells, constitutes the second stage of regional thinning or regional slimming treatment.

In order for the regional slimming treatment with Needle Lipolysis to be more effective, it is important to ensure the fluid consumption needed by the body during the treatment process and to do at least 3-4 days of light-medium exercise per week.  In addition, the success of treatment will increase due to the synergistic effect with the combined application of needle lipolysis with device-based regional thinning applications such as ozone therapy, carboxytherapy, cold lipolysis, etc.