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Rope Face Lift and Hanger

Rope Face Lift and Hanger

Rope face lifting, rope face hanging or spider web aesthetics with another name is the restoration and tightening of the tissue that has sagged over time by using specially designed and produced threads. With aging, gravity sags the skin of the face down and forward. The skin, which loses its elasticity, causes the deterioration of aesthetic anxiety and negative thoughts in people. With the non-surgical face lift process with the rope, the skin can be restored to its former state.

How is Rope Face Lift Performed?

 Before the procedure, a specialist physician examination is applied and your suitability for non-surgical face lifting with rope is examined. If you are suitable for spider web aesthetics, the process is started. Monofilament yarns are available in various structures specially produced for this process. The diameters of these yarns are different and vary according to different problems. These threads can be applied not only in the treatment of sagging in the face area, but also in the treatment of sagging in the whole body. Before the procedure, the application area is hygienized and degreased. After that, a cream with a local anesthetic effect is applied on the skin to make the procedure more comfortable. Threads are placed in the previously determined areas through fine-tipped cannulas or threads. The threads are placed diagonally under the skin. The reason for this is that the threads connect more easily with the tissue and provide a tighter appearance on the skin after the procedure. These threads not only add tension to the skin, but also increase the production of collagen under the skin. In this way, with a procedure, the skin is renewed in many respects, looks tense and younger. Non-surgical face lifting with rope takes between 30 and 60 minutes. After the procedure, edema and bruising may occur not too much. In addition, all of these symptoms are temporary.

What is Applied to Rope Face Lift Procedure?

  • Wrinkles and sagging on the face
  • Wrinkles and sagging under the eyelids
  • Eyebrow lifting process
  • Downward sagging around the mouth, lips and cheeks
  • Wrinkles and sagging in the neck area
  • Under the chin and tickle area
  • Apart from these, it can also be applied to wrinkles in other regions within the approval of the specialist dermatologist.

Is Rope Face Lift Permanent?

 Rope face lifting is not a permanent application for life. However, the effect remains very long-lasting. On average, rope face lifting provides durability for at least 2 years. In addition, the effects of the application begin to be seen in the first month. The most effective appearance is on average 3 months. It is observed from the month onwards. It can also be repeated after the effects of the procedure disappear.

Is Rope Face Lift a Painful Procedure?

 Non-surgical thread face lifting is a painless procedure because it is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, patients can return to their daily lives in an extremely healthy way. After the rope face lift, the threads under the skin are never felt. In addition, since they are very thin, it is not even possible to notice them from the outside.

What Kind of Ropes Are Used in Rope Face Lifting?

 The threads used in the non-surgical thread face lifting process are similar to the surgical rope, but they are specially produced for this procedure. These threads are available in straight, awn, clawed and cone varieties used under the skin. Which thread will be used is determined according to the skin type after the examination before the procedure. The size of the problem in the skin, the degree to which the stretching process will take place and which thread to use is determined depending on the skin type. In addition, these rope types are selected to stretch different regions.

How Does Rope Face Lift Work?

 With the insertion of the threads under the skin, the threads do not only stretch the skin. In addition, the skin shows some reactions to the threads. By placing the threads under the skin, the skin produces fibroblasts, growth factor and collagen. Thus, the stretching process is increased.

What are the Main Advantages of Rope Face Lift?

Since non-surgical face lifting with rope is a non-surgical application, no incision is applied on the skin. Since the incision is not applied, there is no scarring. It is applied in a shorter time than face lifting procedures with surgical applications and the healing process is much more comfortable and quicker. The application is quite comfortable, painless and harmless. Thanks to the fact that it supports collagen production, rejuvenation is achieved from the double arm. There is no harm in repeating the application when necessary. There are no observed side effects and the person can return to his daily life very comfortably after the operation.

Is Rope Face Lift Safe?

Like any aesthetic application, if it is performed by experts and knowledgeable people, it is a very safe and harmless procedure. The ropes used are proven to be healthy materials that have been used in other operations to date. Since local anesthesia is applied, the person is not completely anesthetized. For this reason, it does not carry any risk of general anesthesia.

What should be considered after a rope face lift?

Almost all patients can continue their daily lives after the application of rope face lift. However, it is important for the health of the application to avoid sudden and excessive mouth opening and exaggerated mimics in the first periods. Face-down should be avoided within a period of 20 days after the operation and the face area should be kept away from movements such as pulling, stretching and rubbing.In addition, it is necessary to avoid applying pressure to the face area after the rope face lift. After this time, there is no harm in moving the face area normally. In the first week after the procedure, slight bruising, swelling and redness may occur. These are quite commonplace, and cold compresses can be applied to make this process more comfortable. These mentioned symptoms remain very minimal compared to other surgical operations. Since the rope face lift process is ultimately a subcutaneous application, these situations are natural things that should not be alarmed.

Can Rope Face Lift Be Undone?

Rope face lift is a reversible application. For this, another operation is applied. First, the threads placed under the skin can be removed again by applying local anesthesia.

Which Areas Other Than the Face Are Applied To The Thread Skin Tightening Process?

With the approval of your doctor, the thread skin lifting process can be applied to areas other than the face. Some of these are: the inner legs, butt area, chest area and neck area. While even surgical applications may be limited in these areas, effective results can be obtained from thread stretching.

Does Rope Face Lift Affect Mimics?

In the ropes face lifting process, the tension is provided by the stretching force of the ropes and the production of collagen. One of the most feared aspects of this application is the loss of mimics after the application. However, this is not even the case. After the non-surgical face lift with the rope, it obscures the use of mimics neither permanently nor temporarily.