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Nose Filling

Nose Filling


Aydın Nose filling is a procedure performed to bring the nose to a more suitable form for the facial features. Since nose surgeries are very difficult, many people prefer nose filling in recent years. With nose filling, many areas such as asymmetries, nose ridge, nose wings can be corrected.

Where Can Nose Filling Be Done?

There are many areas where nose filling can be used on the nose. First, nasal curvatures can be corrected completely or partially. However, the low nose tips can be removed or made smoother. Thanks to the non-surgical nose lifting process, the tip of the nose can be lifted up 1 – 2 mm.

The asymmetrical nose also causes a bad appearance on the face and it can be corrected within minutes thanks to the nose filling. If rhinoplasty has been done before and there are areas that are not liked, it can be corrected thanks to nose filling without the need for surgery again.

The bitter lip junction is not very obvious in some people. This area can also be made prominent with the help of nose filling. Making the compound part prominent also makes the lips look bigger.

If there is a prominent back or belt in your nose, it can be corrected thanks to the nose filling. Finally, the nose wings can sometimes become more flattened. This situation causes both a bad image and wrinkles may occur. With nose filling, these problems are solved within minutes. In addition, the side effects of nose filling are almost non-existent.

How is Nose Filling Done?

Before the application of nose filling, it is determined exactly what the patient wants. Thus, the dose and material of the filling to be made are selected accordingly. Filling the nasal tissue is a total of 40 – 45 minutes. First of all, the filling process takes place.During this procedure, anesthetic cream is used and thus the patient is prevented from feeling pain. Depending on the patient's request, local anesthesia can also be preferred.

Injection is performed during the filling process. This is a very short process that takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Although there is not much pain because the tip of the needles used for injection is very pointed and thin, it is important to numb the area before the procedure.

The nose filling process is a very short process and no scars are seen after the procedure. In this way, you can continue your life in a normal way after the procedure.

What are the Advantages of Nose Filling?

The first advantage of nose filling is that it is non-surgical. It is known that after nose surgeries, people usually deal with many problems such as speech and eating difficulties. However, since the nose filling is non-surgical, such problems are not experienced and patients can continue their lives.

The second advantage is that almost all problems that may occur with the nose can be solved painlessly. As we mentioned above, many problems such as belt, low nose tip and asymmetry can be solved in a very short way thanks to nose filling.

How Long Does the Effect of Nose Filling Last?

There are questions about how long the effect of the nose filling lasts, although the answers to these questions vary according to the procedure performed by the patient, it usually takes 1 – 2 months. Because the materials used in nose filling are not permanent materials. For this reason, depending on the movements of the nose, they disappear after a while and the nose takes its old shape.

 At this point, we have also answered the question of whether the nose filling is permanent, but the nose fillings made in a row can create a permanent effect after a while. Even if it is not as permanent as the nose surgery, 4 – 5 nose filling provides a permanent improvement of the problems in the nose.