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Microblading; It is one of the most preferred permanent makeup applications today. Eyebrows designed by experts according to the face shape will create a positive and great change. With microblading ; the herbal permanent make-up dye produced in accordance with the permanent make-up process, micro-incisions in the form of hair are made under the deep (epidermis) using disposable sterile needles. A three-dimensional hair image is created in the application area. Permanent make-up is not similar to tattooing. With tattooing, the skin layer is penetrated much deeper, thus ensuring a lifetime of permanence. There is no such depth in permanent make-up. Tattooing is a risky and not recommended method because it is very difficult to return and changes color over time.

How is Microblading done?

With the microblading application, the eyebrows are redesigned, restructured and a real eyebrow image is obtained. The first step in microblading is the design. The desired shape is scaled according to the face size of the person and a drawing is made on the eyebrow with a pencil. After the eyebrow is designed, if the person approves, an anesthetic cream is applied to the eyebrow for a comfortable and painless procedure. After waiting for a while, the microblading application starts. Using eyebrow permanent make-up dye, three-dimensional micro-incisions are made in the appearance of hair. Then the permanent make-up paint in the eyebrow area is removed and new eyebrows appear.

Is Microblading Harmful?

Microblading is not harmful if it is made by a specialist, using quality and sterile materials.