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Male Laser Hair Removal

Male Laser Hair Removal

One of the most popular topics in male aesthetics is the methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Especially men who complain about the hair on the cheekbones, between the eyebrows, neck, hands and ingrown hairs, genital area, shoulder, back and chest areas show great interest in the treatment of unwanted hair and ingrown hairs with laser epilation method.

With the Aydın male laser epilation method, in an average of 5-6 sessions, the hair follicles can be completely destroyed and a completely hair-free appearance can be obtained, and it is possible to dilute the hairs and make them weaker by leaving the application after 2-3 sessions. There is no difference between male and female patients in terms of laser epilation application. In fact, it can be said that male patients are more advantageous in laser epilation due to the thick hair follicles. Since thick hair follicles are more affected by the energy of the laser beam, the process causes more damage to the hair root. Accordingly, it can be said that male patients respond more quickly to treatment.

The Most Commonly Performed Laser Hair Removal Areas in Men

  •     Shoulder and Back Area
  •     Genital area
  •     Chest Area
  •     One hundred
  •     Armpit
  •     Arm and Leg