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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is done to plump the lip, shape it, clarify its contours and make the lip look younger.

Since the most common desire of young people is to make their lips look fuller, lip filling is more preferred in young people for this purpose. The situation is different in older people. As we get older, the lip curls up, and the red part is displaced inwards. The lip appears thinner. In this case, the lip is rotated outwards with the filler and the red part is made visible. A more prominent and youthful appearance is obtained before the lip grows too much. The hyaluronic acid used in lip augmentation also moisturizes the lip skin and reduces fine lines on it. Filling can also be used to clarify the shape of the lip, especially to make contours. Lip borders can be erased due to reasons related to aging or trauma such as removing very cold sores. Sharpening the entire lip border in a very subtle way with the filler makes the lip look younger and more beautiful. In this way, if necessary, asymmetries can be corrected.

Filling can also be done for vertical lines above and below the lips. These lines, also called cigarette lines or barcode lines, can be filled in to make them less visible. When performing lip filling, it is necessary to pay attention to the proportions of the lip itself. It is necessary to follow such aesthetic rules as the preservation of the V-shaped shape on the upper lip, the lower lip being slightly in front. In addition, the lip should be compatible with the face. Instead of just plumping the lip, we can also get a more beautiful look by rotating the lip edges upwards. For this reason, when lip filling is to be done, it should be aimed to create a lip shape suitable for your face by paying attention to the golden proportions. In this way, you can have both as full and natural lips as you want.

Soft fillings containing hyaluronic acid on the lip and specially produced for the lip should be used. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is already in our body, so it is very safe.

These fillers, which are specially produced for the lip, are both comfortable to apply because they are fluid, and they are homogeneously distributed under the skin and do not create hardness. It looks natural, not obvious from the outside.

The permanence of the products used in lip augmentation is about 12-18 months. At the end of this period, the filling dissolves by itself. FDA approved products must be used. The addition can be made to increase the permanence of the filling before the effect of the filling is completely passed, or the process can be repeated after the effect of the filling has completely passed (after the filling has melted).

Lip augmentation is a medical procedure that must be performed by a specialist doctor. Because the most important complication of lip filling, the introduction of filling into a vein is a serious condition. That is why it is important to do it by a doctor.

The most curious issue is lip filling prices. Lip augmentation prices vary according to the product used and the amount of filling you need. To find out our lip augmentation price, you can send a photo to the whatsapp line at +90 507 871 55 67 or call us at +90 256 213-34 35. Only licensed fillings are used in our clinic.